iwalu Colloidal Silver Liquid Immune Support: Nano Silver Water Immunity Support | Silver Water Colloidal Silver Spray | Bioactive Silver Solution | Dog & Cat Safe | Adults Kids Immune Booster 8 Oz

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iwalu’s SILVER IMMUNE SUPPORT: Don’t go out or stay home without it!

Adults and Kids Immune Booster.

Topical and Internal Healing and Soothing Support.

Iwalu Colloidal Silver Spray: Bioactive Silver Solution, Super Oxygenated For Max Immunity Support.

99.999% Pure Ionic Silver Water Immune Support, Dog Cat Pet Safe.

No Taste, Flavorless


  • 99.999% PURE SILVER COLLOIDAL IMMUNE SUPPORT: Don’t stay home without it! Effective* for the whole family. Discover the health benefits of nano silver colloidal silver immune support taken daily as a immune system booster.*
  • SUPER-OXYGENATED COLLOIDAL SILVER – in ozonated (oxygen enriched) distilled water. iwalu’s state-of-the art science inspired by Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”. His medical texts described the anti-disease and wound healing properties of silver. Prior to the adoption of antibiotic drugs, colloidal silver was prescribed by physicians up to the late 1930s.
  • CONVENIENT PUMP SILVER SPRAY – Handy nano spray makes the collodial silver liquid spray easy to dose for kids and pets, both internally and topically for silver supplement liquid immune system support*. Vegan, NO additives, coloring or stabilizers.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE* – Easily absorbed bio-active silver spray for immune support*. With liquid silver concentrations, more is NOT better. Our nano particle size effects a greater surface area and maximizes results*. This makes our pure 10 ppm (parts per million) more effective* than other brands colloidal silver 500 ppm. Please research safety for internal use of high ppm silver solutions and large particle size.
  • IWALU IS MADE IN USA, PURE AND NATURAL – The unbreakable bottle and spray are BPA FREE so you can take silver immune support anywhere. TASTELESS, easy dose immune support for kids over 4 years old and immune booster for adults. Enjoy iwalu’s Forever Returns Policy and unmatched customer care. Try it today with confidence and no risk!


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➢ INTERNAL: Take immune support liquid silver as an respiratory support and defense aide – use in conjuction with proper nutrition, exercise and immune booster vitamins.

Take immune support liquid silver for adults and kids immune support – immune boost with proper nutrition, exercise and vitamins for kids immune support and immune support adult immune vitamin.

As an immunity booster immune system supplement* take Silver colloidal minerals as suggested along with proper nutrition, exercise and vitamins for immune system support*

➢ TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Vacation must have for first aid treatment, disinfectant and antibiotic.

➢ SKIN CARE: (SEE SPECIFICS FOR ACNE SUFFERERS HERE) Use ionic silver structured water for your first aid kit and sick care package of healing solutions. Soothing and healing burn relief, cuts, infections.

Apply topically for burns, cuts, skin blemishes and as the best clarifying spray acne supplements and acne medicine for face and back. Powerful acne medicine for skin blemishes. Science backed acne medication healing ointment.

➢ TOPICALLY – TOPICAL IMMUNITY AID*: Silver mineral drops or spray apply topically for wound wash, burns, cuts, skin blemishes, wound spray, acne spray for back and face. Use as a natural wound care products for healing support.

➢ ORAL RINSE: One teaspoon swish in mouth for 30 seconds, or five mouth sprays as a colloidal silver mouthwash. Flavorless natural chemical free mouthwash for fresh breath.

Supports healthy teeth and gums. Use as nano silver mouthwash for a natural medicinals mouth sore rinse and dental care.

All Natural chemical free mouthwash for teeth, gums, oral hygiene and fresh breath.

➢ LOCALLY: Easy to dose colloidal silver nose spray – mouth spray – respiratory supplements for first defense nasal, sinus, throat, mouth, eye wash solution, ear drops. Stingless colloidal silver spray nasal defense immune support.

Multi-use and First Aid: Easy to dose colloidal silver nasal spray, nasal wash, eye ointment, colloidal silver throat spray, nasal inhaler, nose drops, sinus wash, all natural treatment for humans and pets.

Silver nose spray, nose cleaner for sinus, sinus silver nasal spray, throat spray, eye care – local antibiotic immune support supplement.

➢ NATURAL FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Non-toxic vagina wash medicinal spray for vaginal health. Natural PH balanced feminine hygiene – feminine spray (odorless protection.)

➢ HOUSEHOLD disinfectant spray cleaner, germ killer disinfectant sprays. Disinfectant liquid Spray on silver colloidal minerals liquid disinfectant germ killer.

Safe spray on with non-toxic chemical free silver mineral supplement. 

Spray on disinfectant to kill germs on clothes and furniture.

➢ KITCHEN: Natural Non-toxic produce wash organic vegetable cleaner spray. Anti-pathogen spray cleaner and fruit and vegetable wash spray.

Multi-use Silver colloidal liquid fruit cleaner spray organic, ozonated water silver fruit wash spray organic. Disinfectant spray refill 16oz size.

Natural disinfectant medicinal spray organic produce wash and water bottle cleaner.

➢ PETS WELLNESS: Detailed treatment instructions included. Keep in your PET FIRST AID kit for dogs, cats, fish, birds, and other pets.

Examples: dog ear infection treatment, dog eye drops for infection, antibiotics for dogs cough medicine, dog ear drops, paw burn relief and rapid healing.

Cat eye drops, cat antibiotics, cat wound care and animal cuts.

colloidal silver cat and dog cough medicine, cat uti medicine, dog uti, eye wash for dogs, ear drops for dogs, cats immune system supplements, colloidal silver for dogs & cats inmune system.

Cat and dog medicinal, eye drops for dogs, cat or dog eye wash, dog ear drops for infection, cat and dog immune boost, dog eye infection treatment, hot spots spray for dogs, cats and other pets. 

Dog ear infection treatment, dog eye drops for infection, medicinals for dogs cough medicine, dog ear drops, cat eye drops, cat medicinals, cat wound care and animal cuts.

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Silver Water colloidal silver antibiotic internal and external infection treatment


Colloidal Silver immune support immune boost:

ADULTS: One Teaspoon, hold under tongue for thirty seconds, then swallow.

CHILDREN 4 YEARS AND OLDER: One Half Teaspoon, hold under tongue for thirty seconds, then swallow.

Helpful Hints:

  • Take with NO food or drink. Hold under tongue for 30 seconds for increased absorption. 
  • Spray directly on clean wound affected area. Allow to dry on wound for 15 minutes. Apply twice daily. (non-sting formula)
  • To reach full efficacy we recommend that you take supplements for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Remember, look for fitness tips and free offers along with your order. We want to ensure you have the “Practical How To” along with our community of support to succeed in your health goals.

Many people take the standard dose of one teaspoon each day for daily immune system maintenance and larger amounts for short periods of time when their immune system is compromised.

Please remember to drink plenty of water especially during the first week because large numbers of pathogens may be rapidly exterminated within the body and the excretory systems work tirelessly to flush or detox out the dead germs.  

Our dose is effective and safe** – even if taken 7 times a day for 70 years, Silver Immune Support still falls below the EPA’s reference dose (RfD) for silver. Our bio-active silver contains more than 98% silver ions and silver nanoclusters.

**The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes a reference dose (Rfd) for silver which is an estimate of daily exposure to the entire population that is unlikely to be associated with a  significant risk of adverse effects over a lifetime.

FUN FACT: NASA reports silver ions and compounds are used as antimicrobial agents for medical applications and as a residual biocide in spacecraft water systems.



10 ppm IONIC COLLOIDAL NANO SILVER as small as < 1 nanometer Nano Pure Bioactive Silver – in Ozonated (SUPER-OXYGENATED) Distilled Water. (Oxygenated silver particles work up to 200% better against pathogens)

Positively charged 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade ozonated distilled water – super oxygenated. Plus, it’s packaged in a unbreakable BPA FREE cobalt blue bottle to further preserve purity throughout its shelf life. Colloidal Silver contains Ionic silver and micro particle nano silver. Never tasted on animals.

iwalu Silver Immune Support is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and allergen-free.


iwalu silver immune support colloidal silver plata coloidal para humanos y mascotas



Eliminate Acne Bacteria and Reduce Skin Inflammation for Soft and Radiant Skin.





fast acting doctor recommended clear acne remedy anti bacterial anti_inflammatory_bacteriacide_agent_colloidal_silver_treatment


iwalu Silver Immune Support is an effective antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory agent.

➢ Kills acne bacteria quickly and reduces inflammation. Safe for daily use on all skin types.

Colloidal silver contains natural properties that resist the infection and spread of microbes, bacteria, fungi, viral matter and other irritants. It kills acne bacteria while helping to keep skin clean and hygienic so it can heal quickly.

➢ In addition, colloidal silver is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can actively help soothe existing inflammation and infection.

➢ Clean the effected area with a natural cleanser such as Witchhazel extract or Dr.  Bronners pure castille liquid soap.

➢ Use colloidal silver applied directly to enitre area with blemishes and allow to dry. Apply Three times daily. 

➢ Take the recommended internal dose of colloidal silver daily.

➢ Carry a colloidal silver mist in your bag to use when the effected area becomes too oily or dry.

➢ Do enjoy natural sun exposure on the effected areas for 15 to 30 minutes daily depending on sensitivity to sun. 

➢ IMPORTANT; Avoid allergic foods that can cause irritation, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances in some people. Common examples of these may be: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Cheese, Fried Foods, Processed Packaged Foods, Caffiene Drinks, Sodas, Coffee and Chocolate.

➢ Seek healthy organic alternatives to the common allergens listed above.

➢ Integrate probiotic and prebiotic foods or supplements into your daily routine.

➢ Encourage the healthy biome of your skin by avoiding chemical soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, creams, etc. 

➢ Remember, your body and mind know how to heal. Trust your body wisdom and commit yourself to prioritize a health affirming lifestyle, activities and relationships.

➢ Colloidal Silver begins to work immediately and in collaboration with healthy diet and exercise, skin condition should show improvement within a few days and continue to heal longterm.

➢ Recommended Supportive Supplements: Organic Chlorella, Organic Turmeric Curcumin.

Shelf life: up to three years

Odorless, tasteless, colorless. Safe / BPA free shatterproof bottle.


Try iwalu Silver Immune Support Today No Risk. You will love it!


Peer Reviewed Data on Colloidal Silver:

Antimicrobial Silver in Medicinal and Consumer Applications

WebMD User Reviews & Ratings – COLLOIDAL SILVER


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Please use as directed.



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